OMAS Emotica Blue Rollerball

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OMAS Emotica Blue Rollerball

Brand: Omas

Condition: New

Model: Emotica

Type: Rollerball pen

Color: Deep Navy Blue

Material: Lacquered body

Trim: Titanium trim

Clip Design:  fan-shaped clip (flip open to support the pen on your desk)

Mechanism: Thread

Emotica’s shape is slightly tapered at the top, with an OMAS “O” logo on the crown.

To complete the Omas range, here is a line of totally modern and innovative writing implements created in 2006. A concentrate of emotion (E), movement (MO), titanium (TI), and a caoutchouc/rubber effect (CA), the EMOTICA collection of pens is inspired by the technological and creative frontiers of our time.